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Add Social Media Widgets to your SharePoint 2010 Team Site – Part 2

Posted by Ariella Beard on Tue, Dec 20, 2011 @ 12:12 PM

Add Social Media Widgets to your  SharePoint 2010 Team Site – Part 2

Last time I showed you how to add a twitter feed widget to your 2010 site. This time I’m going to show you how to add buttons so your users can interact more with your page and their social media accounts. You will use the same method that I showed you last time with the twitter widget:

1.     Configure/choose your button from its website
2.     Copy the code for the button from its website to a text file
3.     Save the text file to your hard drive/desktop
4.     Upload the text file to a library in the team site where you want the button
5.     Copy the shortcut to the text file
6.     Add a content editor web part to your team site
7.     In the Content Link field of the Content Editor web part properties, paste the shortcut
        to your text file
8.     Click OK

See my previous post (Add Social Media Widgets to your SharePoint 2010 Team Site – Part 1) for detailed instructions.

Here are some links where you can find some buttons that you might find useful:

Twitter buttons: CLICK HERE

 twitter buttons











LinkedIN buttons: CLICK HERE

 LinkedIn Buttons
















Facebook Like button: CLICK HERE

 Facebook Like Button




Ok, Facebook is a little more complicated to put up than the others. The site directs you to put the code in two different places:


facebook code




Janetra gave me some code so that it would show up right using the text file:

  1. Create a new text file and paste this code in:











  1. Paste the code from the Facebook site in between the BODY tags

If you don’t want to mess with putting individual buttons up, I really like the Add This sharing tools because they are very easy to use and they allow you to interact with a ridiculous amount (336!) of social media sites.

Add This sharing tools: CLICK HERE

You can add a widget with a couple different buttons or have one that has a drop down menu with all the different options:


 describe the image



describe the image



Til next time....



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